The fight is up! Stanford Vs. SBM ITB

October 19, 2008

This post will only cover the most basic differences of Stanford University in America and SBM ITB in Indonesia.


We all know that geographical differences will definitely give a very big difference between these two universities. In America, the culture is more diverse and relatively free. Free as in free to speak your mind, free to have a freedom of choice and so on. America is also more open. Open in a way that the people are more accepting in almost everything, unlike people in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, freedom is not that “free”. Which means, sometimes freedom is something that is not easy to be accepted by society. Indonesian tend to be more introverted. Indonesia is also not that “open”. Open in a way that the society is not easy to give out information to strangers in general. Most of Indonesians are shy and relatively quiet when it comes to someone new.


Stanford are more daring in using teaching method. They always push and strive to be better year by year. They use a lot of method to push the creativity of their student even further than ever, such as team dynamics, guest lecture, and so on. They also rely a lot on the Internet, because the Internet can also provide a lot of information that supports the teaching process.

SBM ITB is not that different. SBM also starting to rely more on the internet, even though paperworks are still common. But, SBM are still a bit behind Stanford, because SBM is still young and need to improve more and more to become the best.


we should be proud that we have a business school like SBM in Indonesia. Because, SBM is one of the pioneer of Business schools in Indonesia and still considered one of the best. SBM and Stanford is 11-12 to one another. The only differences is SBM is still making it’s baby steps, while Stanford is already an Adult.

So it’s just a matter of time people!


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  1. apiqquantum Says:

    good comparation!

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