October 19, 2008

On the previous post, you can see the ideas from some of the members of the group (in which by the end of the semester, all members are expected to contribute at least 1 creative idea). Other than that, we also have a big project we would like to call:


We got the inspiration for this project from our friend over at Para Lelaki Jalang

While the guys over at PLJ going to record moment with video, we’re going to record the moment with our camera. Because we think that if we capture the moment, the picture will speak louder than words. We expect people who see the picture will be able to tell the story behind each pictures.

7 out of 9 members on the group are photograph entusiast. Armed with a camera, the pictures will record moment from SBM 2009 last year in SBM ITB. The pictures will be posted on Flickr as a portfolio.

So, if you see a member of the group with a camera and snapping photos, don’t be afraid. We’re just immortalizing moment.



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